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Wildlife Adventure Sports India
There are plenty of activity options opened for you within the Indian Wild life Sanctuaries and they are not just restricted to watching the animals and birds.
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Lion Safari

Lion Safari in India
Lion hunting sometime sounds very vague, as it is one of the most endangered animals of the world. But, if you really want to believe that Lion still exists then visit India, as India has if not immense but a respectable number of this elusive creature of the big cat family. The Gir forest area of India boasts of 300 lions in its forest complex.

Gir is the sole natural habitat of Asiatic Lions, a major reason why the park receives a regular influx of tourists, making it one of the most visited national parks in India. Just try to pay a little more attention to the wilds around you and maybe you'll get more wild surprises within the Sasangir vicinity, beside the Lion. In India the Lion population is spread across the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The Safari
Jeep Safari is the best way to observe the big cats in their natural surroundings, at dawn and dusk, when they are on the hunt. Lion viewing in the Gir’s is best done, by driving via jeep around the forest. On the way you might meet several other natives of the forest.

The Ideal Time
Wildlife seekers can visit Gir National Park throughout the year, but the best period to visit the Gir Sanctuary is between the months of November and June.

Lion Safari Sites in India
There are not many sites presenting lion safaris in India. Amongst all, the Gir National Park is the best option to go for a Lion Safari, as it is having the highest concentration of Lions, as compared to other sites in India.

Gir National Park
Gir National Park is the sole surviving natural habitat of the Asiatic Lions. In the southwest of the peninsular state of Gujarat, lies the 116 square-mile Gir sanctuary established to protect the last wild population of Lion outside the African regions. Since 1913 when the Lion population over here fell drastically to just 20 animals, the numbers have increased to around 300. This is of course the best site to have an encounter with Lions.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
One of the prime attractions to the National Park is the Lion Safari, which has been pulling people to the park ever since it was established. You can also experience a Tiger Safari here, which is a newly introduced attraction in the 20-hectare area in the recreational zone of the park.

Nehru Zoological Park
This is another wildlife site that offers both Lion and tiger safaris. Situated in Hyderabad, the Nehru Zoological Park is also considered as one of the biggest zoological parks existing in Asia.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
One of the major Lion safari sites of Kerala, Parambikulam has one of the largest population of Gaur or Indian Bison. Among its other wildlife conservation attractions there is a Crocodile Rearing Centre and a Deer Farm.

Few Suggestions

» Get the permits to enter the Park area.
» Don't disturb the animals, birds and trees.
» Behave in a responsible manner when watching and photographing resident wildlife.
» Don't leave your group, while travelling in the wilds.
» Don't engage in any illegal trade of animals and birds.
» Don't litter the park area.
» Throw all the wastes in the proper litter zones.

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Wildlife Safaris in India
Wildlife Safaris in India

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Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

The natural heritage in India is as rich and diverse as the cultural heritage. The wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks here give you an essence of the same. Nestled in this rich land is the Royal Bengal Tiger, the only home to the Royal Tiger Cat.

Wild Animals in IndiaWild Animals in India

Wild Animals in India

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Glimpses of India

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India Birding Tour Packages - Tiger Tours India - Glimpses of India

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